Spinmaster at The Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019

Large (up to 800 sq m) / Toys

Spinmaster is a Canadian global toy and entertainment company that has been designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing consumer products for children since 1994.
2BP’s relationship spans some 10 years during which we have created and produced successful shows and events in a number of countries.
For Spinmaster’s new 750m² booth at The Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019, 2BP were appointed lead designers, master planners and project managers. We worked closely with Spinmaster’s German partner on production and execution.

“Spin Master has worked in collaboration with 2BP for several years spanning multiple countries and several successful projects and shows.
I’ve had the privilege of working directly with Ray and his amazing team so many times now it’s like they are extended family.
2BP has proven themselves to be truly reliable in terms of innovative design and on time high quality execution. They have always risen to the challenges
Spin Master has thrown at them and they have never disappointed while providing ongoing support and solutions.
I’m looking forward to the next projects!”

– Deanna Sverha, Trade Show Manager