Case Study – Spinmaster Toy Fair, Nuremberg

The Brief

Spinmaster’s new 750m² booth brought all of their brands together under one roof.
2BP were briefed to create an exciting new solution for 2019 that could be re-used for another five years.
The brief called for the re-use of an existing successful product presentation format integrated into a significantly larger space with formal and informal meeting areas.

The Solution

An enclosed layout with a single point of entry and exit with two open stands at either end facing into the main aisle.
Suspended high level banners internally illuminated created impact and stand out, dominating the hall.
Easy walk on access to Swimways and Gund at either end of the main booth. Large reception area with controlled and manged access into the main product display areas.
Modular display gondola solution with interchangeable graphics. Themeing and flexible shelving. 2BP worked with Spinmaster’s local production partner on the installation of the booth.



The Feedback

“Spin Master has worked in collaboration with 2BP for several years spanning multiple countries and several successful projects and shows.
I’ve had the privilege of working directly with Ray and his amazing team so many times now it’s like they are extended family.
2BP has proven themselves to be truly reliable in terms of innovative design and on time high quality execution. They have always risen to the challenges
Spin Master has thrown at them and they have never disappointed while providing ongoing support and solutions.
I’m looking forward to the next projects!”

– Deanna Sverha, Trade Show Manager